Save Valuable Time With S&P Market Intelligence’s Excel® Plug-In

Our Excel Plug-in is fully integrated with the S&P Market Intelligence platform, allowing you to import pre-formatted comparison sets, filings, saved screens, and other information quickly and easily. You have immediate access to key qualitative and quantitative data sets such as:

  • Global Financials
  • Equity Capital Structure
  • Debt Capital Structure
  • Estimates
  • Transactions
  • Ownership
  • Supplemental Data
  • Macroeconomic Data
  • Company and People
  • News & Key Developments
  • Quick Comps & Competitors

Detailed Analysis – All in One Place

Standardized Financials for Easy Comparison

  • View values on an apples-to-apples basis.

Click-Through Functionality Lets You Instantly Identify the Source

  • Audit items by allowing user to view underlying calculations, sub-accounting items and source documents.

Seamless Integration Leads to Great Efficiency

  • Import pre-formatted comp sets, filings, saved screens and other information from the S&P Market Intelligence platform.

More than 110 pre-built model templates

  • LBO, DCF, WACC and 90 other popular model and report types.


S&P Market Intelligence’s PresCenter enhances Microsoft Office® with specialized tools that dramatically increase the efficiency of producing models, presentations, and documents in accordance with company guidelines.

Accurate, Consistent and Updateable Source Data

Quickly update source data, ensure data consistency, and reduce human error with PresCenter’s linking framework.

  • Seamlessly link charts and ranges from Excel to PowerPoint in the form of tables, pictures, text and charts to ensure your pitch is always up-to-date.
  • Leverage the power and formatting flexibility of native PowerPoint tables by linking the contents of Excel ranges into preformatted PowerPoint tables.
  • Quickly link Excel ranges and charts to Word, transferring them as pictures and text.
  • Use PresCenter Scenarios in PowerPoint or Word to simultaneously update links to multiple instances of the Excel model, as defined by custom input assumptions and “switches” within Excel (i.e. operating case, purchase price premium, stock/cash transaction, etc.)

Build Presentations Faster with a Library of Standardized Content and Ensure Branding Consistency with Corporate Design Validation

Access frequently used standardized content in the library to prevent duplicative work across users, enforce consistency, and conform content formatting.

  • Access to the most recent presentations, master templates, slides, shapes, tables, charts, SmartArt, and text elements stored in customizable group repositories.
  • Locate content efficiently with tagging and searching tools.
  • Automatically receive notifications when library content is updated.
  • Facilitate conformity with your company’s standard style guide using the Corporate Design Check, which automatically diagnoses and fixes non-conforming formatting.

Extend Excel Modeling Capabilities with a Powerful Suite of Productivity Commands and the Capability to Automate Custom Macros and Native Ribbon Commands

Streamline model creation and simplify tedious, redundant tasks with the Quick Keys suite of productivity commands; manage all types of commands centrally through the Quick Keys Manager.

  • Use Quick Keys commands to simplify functionality routines and efficiently build, format, audit and navigate Excel models.
  • Search and filter within the Quick Keys Manager to tailor your keyboard configuration specifically to your needs.
  • Customize your keyboard configuration using a visual keyboard layout and easily resolve potential key combination conflicts before they occur.
  • Automate Ribbon functionality and custom macros to experience a truly comprehensive shortcut key manager and a dynamically accurate representation of Excel’s key combination assignments.