Aftermarket Research

Access reports from more than 1,500 brokerage, independent and market research providers located in 200+ countries with our comprehensive Aftermarket Research offering. The combination of S&P Market Intelligence’s strong research platform and the expert insights of Aftermarket Research contributors create a comprehensive enterprise-wide research solution.

Real Time Research

Keep up with the latest research from leading analysts worldwide with the extensive collection of broker and independent research reports provided by S&P Market Intelligence®. We provide streamlined access to research from over 1,400 contributors — including the world’s largest investment banks, high quality regional brokers, boutiques and independents — along with the tools you need to monitor, search and audit reports efficiently.

Save Time with Fully Transparent Estimates

S&P Market Intelligence’s detailed estimates can be seamlessly audited with a single-click to view the mean and median break-downs, the contributors, and individual analysts’ detailed estimates with direct links to the source reports.

Make Informed Decisions

Preview before downloading. Before you decide to purchase, learn about the report of interest by using the document preview.

  • Preview of the document includes a detailed Table of Contents, Document Thumbnail, Keyword in Context and high-level overview with a synopsis.
  • Before downloading, preview multiple reports’ table of contents, the location of keywords and thumbnail views.

Keep Up with the Latest Research

Easy to customize: save searches and receive alerts. Save your searches for quick retrieval and designate an access level to share with other users within your firm.

  • Create a research alert directly from the search criteria, add other important company notifications to the alert and choose the frequency of your alerts.
  • Receive e-mail alerts meeting your criteria.

On-The-Go Access with S&P Market Intelligence Mobile Apps

Available for iPad and smartphone (Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone).

  • Stay on top of investment research for your Watch Lists, Comp Sets and Portfolios. Quickly sync these documents for offline access on your iPad.
  • View the latest pricing and volume data, news, filings and transcripts

* Source: S&P Market Intelligence as of September 2015