Grounded in our transparent and standardized financials, S&P Market Intelligence gives you the tools to identify trends, generate insightful ideas, and develop well-informed decisions, all while streamlining your workflow to improve efficiency and productivity.

Access Company Profile

Access aggregated and comprehensive company information including:

  • Profiles of over 3.8 million executives while seeing multiples, capital structure, and financial ratios.
  • Consensus estimates, including trends, revisions, shocks and charts
  • Charts including financials, estimates, indices, economic indicators, and proprietary data
  • 1,000,000+ transactions profiled including valuation, transaction advisors and key documents
  • A company’s customers, suppliers, and strategic alliances
  • Public and private ownership
  • News from over 20,000 sources

Conduct Peer Analysis

Conduct Peer Comparisons against similar companies, competitors, and benchmarks. Compare financial data, trading multiples, operating statistics, business description, implied valuation, valuation chart, credit health panel and credit analytics.

  • View similar companies by region/economic strata, target analysts and proprietary industry classifications (down to 5th or 6th level sub-sector classification)

 Generate Insightful Ideas

Identify comparables, potential buyers, investments, acquisitions, co-investors, lenders and strategic partners with S&P Global Market Intelligence’s powerful Screening and Targeting tools.

  • Use the Screening tool to filter through our expansive database of content by specifying qualitative and quantitative criteria resulting in customized lists of companies, transactions, securities, professionals, and key developments
  • Access our sophisticated Find Buyers and Targeting tool to search historical investments and investment mandates to return a targeted, ranked list of potential buyers based on specified criteria

Data You Can Trust

S&P Market Intelligence provides detailed information on M&A and financing transactions covering the most active markets in the world. We track all publicly announced mergers, acquisitions, private placements, public offerings, shelf registrations, equity buybacks and bankruptcies. Information is seamlessly integrated in the S&P Capital IQ platform and Excel® Plug-in. The transaction data is updated daily from various sources such as regulatory filings, company websites, newsletters, trade publications, and press releases with robust click through auditabilty.

  • 99% Market Cap, coverage of 342 public companies, over 38,000 private companies including income state, balance sheet, cash flow, key ratios and multiples
  • Deep coverage of transactions for public and private companies
  • Private Placement
  • Spin-Offs & Split-Offs
  • Shelf Registrations
  • Public Offerings
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Screen for Investment Ideas

Whether you’re screening for investment ideas, finding comparables, or building an M&A buyer list, our screening tools will help you quickly identify relevant companies, people, transactions, events, or securities. Our screening tools incorporate an unparalleled amount of financial and qualitative criteria, so that you can build highly refined lists of ideas. Create custom e-mail alerts to track changes in your screening universe, overlay the screening results to create custom reports, and access them through our Excel Plug-in.

  • Filter on an expansive universe of screening items including Key Developments, Ownership, and biographical information to Financials and Transactions
  • Create custom financial data points on which to screen
  • Group results or create custom scores
  • Compare companies against a sector, index, or custom result set with Inter-Company Universe Ranking
  • Screen companies based on historical performance
  • Set up e-mail alerts to track changes

Find Buyers

Our sophisticated Find Buyers and tools enable you to simplify and streamline the process of searching for potential M&A or private placement investors. Using proprietary algorithms, our targeting tools rank potential buyers and investors based on investment criteria, stages of interest, transaction history, and financials. Search for likely buyers and investors, both financial and strategic, and their portfolio companies based on past investment and acquisition history. Easily filter your results and score potential targets by how well they match your screening criteria.

  • Rank potential M&A buyers and private capital investors with our unique targeting engine
  • Score potential targets by how well they match your screening criteria
  • Set up Screening or e-mail alerts
  • Export your results to Excel


  • More than 110 pre-built model templates
  • Extensive selection of reports, and charts including leveraged buy outs (LBO), discounted cash flow (DCF),  weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and 90 other popular model and report types